Tom Haggin

Founder Sybase

"A lot of business software is very complicated and overly complex to set-up, maintain and operate. Whereas SAFEView is not only simple to set-up, it maintains itself. I believe SAFEView is to document management what Quicken® and Quickbooks® has been to accounting."

Sam Hashizu

Certified Public Accountant
Managing Partner

"Using SAFEView we were at least 15% more efficient this tax season. We were very pleased when we were able to free up office space by storing files electronically, but we didnt realize how much SAFEView would help us improve our day-to-day efficiency. With SAFEView we are able to find client files in seconds, allowing us to serve our clients in a fraction of the time it took before. Our clients are happier and the members of our team are less stressed, thanks to SAFEView."

Accubil Billing Services

"To achieve cost savings Accubil utilizes offshore resources and remote offices for domestic employees. SAFEView enables employees with remote offices to service customers seamlessly retrieving records and updating information with ease. We dont need to mail or fax documents between locations. With SAFEView all of our documents are secure and readily available to all of our locations. The SAFEView system was simple to set-up and training new employees on the tool takes less than an hour. SAFEView has transformed our business, making us more efficient while allowing our employees to better serve customers."

David Regalia

Preventive Medicine of the Pacific

"I had SAFEView installed into our medical office earlier this year and what a great improvement in our office efficiency. We utilize SAFEView to maintain all patient records, programs and lab results digitally. SAFEView has eliminated the headache of maintaining patient files that are filled with paper records. We can find any patient file within seconds and no longer need filing cabinets under lock and key. Everything is secure and safe while only being accessible by authorized medical staff. Our office began using SAFEView the very same day that it was installed. The SAFEView system is simple, fast and very easy to use. I highly recommended the SAFEView system."

Steve Elstins

West Coast Muffler,
Chapter Representative at State Level for 900 Auto Repair Shops in California

"We use SAFEView Cloud at West Coast to store all of our invoices, repair orders, photos of work done and all other records that we are required to keep. This solution has become extremely valuable in helping us to keep a clutter free office, which is not the case in most automotive shops. Also, we can access any record for customers that call in requesting copies of work done on their vehicle for an insurance claim or other need.
Repair orders for catalytic converter replacements are valuable and kept safely in the SAFEView system. Retrieving records for state audits are now, no longer a headache."

Jose F. Oliden

Family Services Manager

"With over 100 years of interment records, we have found SAFEView to be a tremendous time and step-saver for accessing information. We are able to look up information from our desks while on the phone with, or across the desk from, a customer, or in the course of research. It has improved our service as well as our efficiency. Staff members find it convenient and easy to use, as both a reference tool and a document storage utility. We are very pleased with the dependability and functionality of this software. Having used this software for a number of years now, it’s difficult to imagine how we ever did without it!"