SAFEView CLOUD Now For Mobile!

safeview for mobile
With SAFEVIEW, you can have all of your records and documents
at your fingertips via your iPad and other mobile devices.

SAFEVIEW Cloud is a Feature-Rich and Scalable Document Management Storage and Retrieval System


SAFEView Cloud means server hardware, installation and scaling issues are the thing of the past. You can become a SAFEView user in minutes and become productive immediately. Safe, secure, and easy to use are the keys to SAFEView’s success and yours.


SAFEView Cloud fits perfectly into all business and office environments that require paper and digital record archival and regular backup. Medical, Real Estate, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Automotive and Government entities are just a few of the businesses that instantly streamline their efficiency by using SAFEView Cloud.


SAFEView Cloud allows you to convert all paper documents into a digitally archived format. SAFEView will store any and all digital records in their original format. That means SAFEView can archive email, video, photos, contracts, HR records, x-rays, and voice records just to name a few.


An ROI that is measured in weeks rather than years. No special internet or network connections are required and in almost every case you already have the bandwidth required to deploy SAFEView today. Best of all, SAFEView is offered as an affordable monthly service which can be priced to suit every budget and customer, from a single user to hundreds of users.

Start using SAFEView TODAY and begin saving time and money immediately.


Safe, secure and fast, SAFEView Document Management allows smaller organizations the same cloud based storage and retrieval capabilities of much larger organizations at an affordable price, without a big upfront investment.

It literally fits any industry or business size.

Decide today – start today!

SAFEView can also provide a solution that can be installed on your company server.

hipaa compliant