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SAFEView Key Contributors & Investors

Tom Haggin

Tom Haggin is a co-founder of Tilden Park Software and was co-founder of Sybase, a leading provider of database technology. Mr. Haggin is member of the SAFEView Board of Advisors and an investor in the company. As a member of the SAFEView Board of Advisors, Mr. Haggin provides technical guidance on the SAFEView products and acts as personal advisor to the SAFEView executive team.

Jeff Webber

Jeff Webber is a Silicon Valley venture investing veteran. Mr. Webber was an early investor and board member at Commerce One, where he was instrumental in guiding the company to one of the most successful IPO’s in Wall Street history. Jeff Webber is known for having great vision for technology products and an incredibly successful track record providing strategic guidance to innovative companies.

Stu Schuster

With a wealth of experience in leadership positions at top companies and venture capital firms, Stewart “Stu” Schuster is an authority in the world of technology. Mr. Schuster has served as general partner at Novus Ventures, and as venture partner at Brentwood Venture Capital. He served as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Sybase and held executive positions at Ingres, Panoramic, Tandem Computers and Intel.

Dr. Tim Carlton

Dr. Timothy Carlton is a lead cardiologist at John Muir Health Center in Northern California. Practicing cardiology, critical care medicine, internal medicine and interventional cardiology for over 31 years, Dr. Carlton understands the need for effective document management within the medical world.

Bill Doak

Considered one of the leading authorities in Las Vegas marketing and public relations, Bill brings two decades of experience to Kirvin Doak Communications. His successful track record and experience offers an invaluable mix of in-house resort marketing and agency public relations for some of the world’s finest hospitality and gaming brands.

John Saefke

John Saefke serves as Chief Financial Officer for Vencore, a provider of financial solutions for emerging growth companies. Mr. Saefke was introduced to SAFEView as a strategic partner, helping develop Vencore leasing programs for the SAFEView products. Mr. Saefke understands the need for effective document management solutions within the financial industry and believes SAFEView has a product that will meet that need.

Josh Pagnini

Founded Pagnini’s Construction Recycling. Revenues of 10 million a year with 110 employees. The company was sold in November 2009 to Homesite Services Inc. Josh is currently an executive representative for Homesite Services Inc.